What is the router with IP and how to use it?

The router is a device that is used in order to provide the users with the wireless Internet connection to smartphones, laptops, tablets, and many other devices. If you buy a new router it is usually complected with antenna, hardware unit, cord, and power unit.

The principle of work of the device is the following: it accepts certain signals from the Internet and then transfers them to the computers, printers, even refrigerators, and other «smart» electronic devices. In other words, the wireless wi-fi router connects mini-server, connected to the Internet with the users’ devices. All devices are getting their own IP-addresses separately. There by the enhanced signal, several users can use the Internet from different gadgets. For example, some of the new models are able to provide up to 100 different devices with the Internet.

Transferring information to the computer, the wi-fi router also works in the opposite way, it transfers information back to the Internet. In terms of security encoding of all signals using WPA is occurring.

The most popular and the most abounded router IP (Internet Protocol) is It is widely used in such routers as TP-Link, Sagemcom, Asus, Zyxel, and Tenda. The IP address is a highly useful tool for the router setup.

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